Welcome to PUPPETS COOL!


At PUPPETS COOL!, safety is our number one concern. Everyone has to have a great time – but first, everyone must be safe including you and the kids in your care.

We work with literally thousands of children every year, averaging over 3,000 kids in our July & August workshops alone. That’s a lot of potential viral contacts.

After consulting with our business associates, we have decided to postpone all workshops until a COVID-19 vaccine is available to the general public. This leaves us no other choice but to cancel all programming for Summer 2020.

Please keep us in mind for March Break and Summer 2021. Along with the favourites that you know, we’ll have new and more exciting programming available.

We’ll see you down the road. Stay safe, everyone!

PUPPETS COOL! Workshops are the Field Trips that come to you!

Here are seven ways that PUPPETS COOL! improves your field trip experience:

  1. No bussing and related issues: lost kids or lunches, no travel delays, etc.
  2. No parent volunteers required.
  3. No prep, mess or clean-up required.  Our materials are absolutely clean.
  4. Instructor has over 8 years of in-class teaching experience.
  5. Instructor has over 35 years of media production experience.
  6. We provide groups and classes for special needs children (including autism spectrum).
  7. We have experience working with French immersion schools.

PUPPETS COOL! (Puppetry), TOONS! (Animation) and THE CREATURE SHOP! (STEaM) are approved educational partner programs with the Toronto District School Board and approved vendors with many other school boards across Southern Ontario.

After a thorough vetting process, our creative programs have been found to provide unique learning opportunities and enhancements to the Ontario Curriculum. These innovative in-class programs are not offered by, or available through any other source.

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