About Us

Our customers deserve the very best.  For that reason, we never employ interns or assistants.  When you book our workshops, you are hiring a professional to run your event.

PUPPETS COOL!, TOONS! and THE CREATURE SHOP are Canada’s only In-Class Media Literacy Workshops that were created, owned & operated by a media industry professional with verifiable production credits.

Steve Schnier, PUPPETS COOL!’s creator has over 10 years of full-time in-class experience teaching Media Literacy and STEaM workshops.  He works with thousands of kids every year, across the spectrum from special needs community classes to gifted programmes. Steve’s an expert at making education fun!

Prior to PUPPETS COOL!, Steve spent 35 years producing key creative elements for memorable Children’s Television.  He created the sound effects for The Inspector Gadget Show, produced The Magic School Bus, created (wrote, produced & directed) Freaky Stories, served as head writer on Atomic Betty and has written for many other shows including George of the Jungle,Jimmy Two Shoes and Family Biz, and many more.  Most recently he designed, created and puppeteers “Ripley”, the canine title character in the APTV series, I am Ripley.

Steve formerly held the Guinness World Record for creating the Largest Googly Eyes in the World. He was the first person to send a model of Star Trek’s U.S.S. Enterprise into space, and is currently working on a very, very cool puppet in his studio.  


For inquiries, more information and bookings, please contact Steve Schnier at:



(416) 346-7228

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